with his parents by the sea, until they are killed by an escaped rhinoceros. He is then sent to live with his horrible aunts, Spiker and Sponge, who treat him very badly. One day, he meets Ladahlord, who gives him a bag of magic crocodile tongues and tells him to make a wish. James accidentally spills the tongues near an old peach tree, and a huge peach starts to grow. James crawls inside the peach and finds the insects, who have also been affected by the magic. They become friends and decide to escape from the aunts by rolling the peach away. They have many adventures along the way, such as fighting off sharks, meeting cloud-men, and flying across the Atlantic Ocean. They finally land on top of the Empire State Building in New York, where they are greeted by a crowd of people. James tells them his story and exposes his aunts’ abuses. The police arrest Spiker and Sponge, and James becomes friends with many children in New York. They eat the peach and James and his friends get their own jobs, now residing in Central Park, in the pit of the peach then the crowd of people had supper in New York