Christmas with poppy and jed

Miller decides to name her project “Poppy”, in honor of her test subject and the violinist’s girlfriend. She then contacts Poppy’s family and tells them the truth about what happened to her. She apologizes for not telling them sooner and explains that she was bound by a confidentiality agreement. She also tells them that Poppy is still alive, in a way, as her brain cells are being used to create artificial intelligence.

Poppy’s family is shocked and confused. They don’t know how to feel about this. They are angry at Dr Miller for taking their daughter away from them, but they are also curious about her project and what it means for Poppy. They ask Dr Miller if they can see Poppy, or at least talk to her.

Dr Miller agrees to let them visit the lab and see her project. She arranges a meeting with them and prepares to show them Poppy. She hopes that they will understand and accept her work, and that they will forgive her for what she did.

Meanwhile, the violinist and the night watchman are in jail, awaiting trial. They are both charged with breaking and entering, assault, and attempted murder. They face a long prison sentence if convicted. They regret their actions and wish they could undo what they did.

The violinist is especially remorseful. He misses Poppy terribly and blames himself for her disappearance. He wishes he could see her again and tell her how much he loves her. He wonders if she is still alive, or if she is gone forever.

He also wonders about Jed, the boy who pretended to be a girl who was the new pupil at the orchestra. He remembers that Jed was looking for Poppy too, and that he said he knew something about her. He wonders if Jed was involved in Dr Miller’s project, or if he was just a liar.

He decides to write a letter to Jed, asking him for the truth. He hopes that Jed will reply and tell him what he knows about Poppy. He also hopes that Jed will forgive him for mistaking him for a girl and falling in love with him.

He writes the letter and gives it to his lawyer, who promises to deliver it to Jed’s address. He then waits for Jed’s response, hoping for some answers.

Jed receives the letter from the violinist a few days later. He is surprised and confused. He doesn’t know why the violinist is writing to him, or what he wants from him. He reads the letter and learns about what happened at the lab, and what Dr Miller did with Poppy’s brain cells.

He is shocked and angry. He can’t believe that Dr Miller used Poppy as a guinea pig for her project, and that she lied to him about it. He remembers that Dr Miller was his teacher at school, and that she was always nice to him. He feels betrayed by her.

He also feels sorry for the violinist, who seems to be genuinely in love with Poppy. He understands his pain and his desperation. He remembers how he felt when he lost Poppy, his best friend since childhood.

He decides to write back to the violinist, telling him the truth about himself and Poppy. He tells him that he is not a girl, but a boy who disguised himself as a girl to join the orchestra and find Poppy. He tells him that he and Poppy were friends since they were kids, and that they ran away from home together because they were unhappy with their lives.

He tells him that they ended up on the streets, where they met a man who offered them a job at his club. He tells him that the man was actually a human trafficker, who sold them to Dr Miller for her project. He tells him that he managed to escape from Dr Miller’s lab, but Poppy was left behind.

He tells him that he spent months looking for Poppy, following every clue he could find. He tells him that he joined the orchestra because he heard that Poppy loved music and played the violin. He tells him that he pretended to be a girl because he thought it would be easier to blend in and get close to Poppy.

He tells him that he never meant to hurt him or deceive him. He tells him that he was just trying to find his friend and save her from Dr Miller’s experiment. He tells him that he is sorry for everything, and that he hopes he can forgive him .Santa Claus came on his sleigh to see what happened to them as it was Christmas eve

He signs the letter as “Jed”, ot “Jenny”, and sends it back to the violinist’s lawyer.

The end.