black beauty

John Manly: He is Squire Gordon’s coachman at Birtwick. He is one of the most morally upstanding people Black Beauty has ever met, and he always gives his horses the best care possible. He is played by Iain Glen in the 2020 film1 and by Jim Carter in the 1994 film2.
Skinner: He is Filcher’s boss and the owner of a coal mine. He is a cruel and greedy man who abuses Black Beauty by making him pull a heavy wagon and whipping him mercilessly. He falls to his death when he tries to stop John and the others from rescuing Black Beauty. He is played by Matt Rippy in the 2020 film1.
Filcher: He is the enemy and the villain in the story. He is a horse thief who steals Black Beauty from his owner and sells him to Skinner. He is a dishonest and cowardly man who tries to escape justice. He is played by Max Raphael in the 2020 film1.
Polly: She is Bertie’s sister and Squire Gordon’s daughter. She is kind and gentle to the horses, especially Black Beauty. She loves riding and spending time with her family. She is played by Hakeem Kae-Kazim in the 2020 film1 and by Georgina Armstrong in the 1994 film2.
Squire Gordon: He is Polly and Bertie’s father and the owner of Birtwick Park. He is a wealthy country gentleman and a local magistrate who treats his horses with kindness and respect. He is forced to sell Black Beauty and Ginger when he moves to Europe for his wife’s health. He is played by Peter Davison in the 1994 film2.
Bertie: He is Polly’s brother and Squire Gordon’s son. He is a cheerful and adventurous boy who likes to play with Black Beauty and Merrylegs. He is played by Patrick Mower in the 2020 film1 and by Edward Fox in the 1994 film2.
The policeman who has no name and never seen he takes Filcher back to the stables for his punishment to the horse