Billy ‘s cafe adventure

One day, Billy went to a cafe with his dog and his teddy bear. He didn’t want anything to eat or drink, but his dog wanted a bone and a glass of water, and his teddy bear wanted an ice cream sundae.

When the waiter came to take his order, Billy’s dog barked first.

“Woof! A bone and a bowl of water, please!” he said.

Then his teddy bear spoke next.

“And an ice cream sundae for me, please!” he said.

Billy looked at the waiter and said he wasn’t hungry.

“Certainly, sir,” the waiter said. He was very surprised by the talking dog and teddy bear, but he didn’t want to be rude.

He went to get their order, but many grown-ups had heard the dog and the teddy bear talking. They were curious and wanted to see them. They came up to their table and asked them questions.

The dog and the teddy bear were happy to talk to them. They told them stories and jokes. They made them laugh.

The waiter returned with the things that the dog and the teddy bear had ordered. He tried to get through the crowd of people, but he lost his balance. He dropped the teddy bear’s ice cream sundae on Billy’s head!

Billy was covered in ice cream and whipped cream. He felt cold and sticky.

“Oops! I’m sorry!” the waiter said.

The dog and the teddy bear laughed. They thought it was funny.

Billy didn’t think it was funny. He was angry and embarrassed.

He got up from his seat and ran to the kitchen. He wanted to have his face cleaned.

The waiter followed him and apologized again. He gave him a towel and helped him wipe off the ice cream.

He also gave him a free cake as a gift.

Billy felt better after that. He forgave the waiter for his mistake.

He went back to his table with his cake. He shared it with his dog and his teddy bear.

They ate their cake happily.

They had a good time at the cafe after all.

Many years later, Billy came back to the cafe as an older man. He still had his dog and his teddy bear with him. They were old too, but they still talked and laughed.

Billy didn’t have anyone else with him. He never married or had children. He only had his dog and his teddy bear as his friends.

They ordered the same things as before: a bone and a bowl of water for the dog, an ice cream sundae for the teddy bear, and nothing for Billy.

They remembered their first visit to the cafe and how funny it was when the waiter