Baby is kidnapped and killed!

6 month old Dion Butcher was sleeping in his carseat while his mother, Reya Butcher was putting the wet clothes into the dryer at the laundry mat. When a kidnapper was sneaking into the laundry mat. little Dion was unbuckled while he was sleeping. The kidnapper quickly and quietly took small Dion out of his seat and fled.When Mrs. Butcher was done, she had finally realize her son was gone. Mrs. Butcher was terrified. She started to scream her little son’s name. Everyone was staring at her but she didn’t care. Then everything when a loud horrible blood curdling scream cakes from outside. Mrs. Butcher ran outside and stopped in her tracks she screamed then fainted. The people started to gather stones the scene of Dion Butcher lying there in a pool of blood. Somebody had called Emergency Services. Police andMedical services showed up minutes later. Dion was put in an Ambulance along with his mother and they were both raced to the hospital. Everyone was sent home and the kidnapped was never found.