Top 10 best puppy breeds in the world

There are many breeds of puppies and it’s so hard to pick which one is the best but in the article we are going to attempt to rank them and pick the top 10 best and which one is the best.

We rented a bunch of puppies and did our research for this ranking, check out the full video on my YouTube channel Mr. Beast.

10. For the 10th best puppy we have a fan favorite the pug. I think pug is 10 because it is an all around great dog they don’t shed much and are small and cute. I don’t think they should be hire because there are so many other dogs out there and this one doesn’t stand out and isn’t super special. They are only so special (barley)

9. For number 9 we got the golden retriever. This dog is super fluffy and super golden hence the name. This dog is a loyal companion and is a great fetch player but is similar to most dogs out there. They are cute and fun but the same as some other dogs and that’s why I put them here. They are cool for runner people but not me.

8. The 8th slot goes to my nana’s favorite puppy bulldog. My nana’s bulldog Bella is so cute but she’s rough sometimes. Bulldogs stay at a medium size and don’t go super big. They don’t stand out because similar to the pug they aren’t very different but they are better than 9 and 10 because Bulldogs are the best rough companion and there folds are better than pugs (way better than #10)

7. For the 7th slot goes Siberian Husky. I love these because they are different and fluffy but however I don’t think it’s that great of a breed. My barber has a husky and it isn’t any different from any other dog. They have cool colors but that doesn’t compare to the shapes of some other dogs. To be Cool or To STAND OUT is the question.

6. At 6 we have the chihuahua. They are so tiny and cute and are the perfect purse pet but small doesn’t mean different or amazing. They are sometimes vicious which makes them cool and they have very small paws. They stand out but not enough for the top 3. The sad part is they can only do the skinny and not the tall like the Borzoi

5. Getting into the top 5. At 5 we have drum role please…………. Samoyed. These dogs are perfectly white and super cute. But.. they are white. White dogs are a bit tricky. They can get dirty easily. They are like white shirts oooof. But regardless I love these dogs so they belong in the top 5. But also they look familiar so they def ain’t top 3. And who wants a familiar dog when you can have one that ain’t.

4. Alrighty what dog takes the 4th spot I’ll tell you what dog: Borzoi. I know what you’re thinking “not these ugly motherfuckers” but hear me out aren’t they so interesting I mean it’s crazy. They’re like wow. There ugliness is a talent too an extent tho cuz MANNN they uglyyyy. They’re long and skinny it’s crazy. Get yourself a puppy that can do both I know a chihuahua can’t (;

3. Badum badum badum. This pup has my heart racing, it’s the teacup yorkie. I know I said the Chihuahuas being small does it make an amazing dog, but this is dogs are tiny and they’re fluffy and they’re cute. They could be brown I could be white get to a dog that’s black and white. I could fit it in a cup, now that’s special. That’s what makes them STAND OUT.

2. This number 2 has a special place in my heart it’s the Dachshund. The GLIZZZZZYYYYYY dog!
I love me a good penis dog. They like hotdogs I love ‘em. They ain’t #1 tho cuz I have a dog better than a dog that’s also a male private part/ Nathan’s hot dog. I could both eat these dogs and use it to have kids. This dog is great and there is no other dog like it is special exactly what I’m looking for but not as special as this next dog.

1. OH OH OH OH LADIES AND GENTS THIS IS THE MOMENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! The number 1 dog breed is Brittany!! Not Britney Spears and not Brittany Pierce. Brittany is a type of dog. They are white with spots, light brown spots. They are known for bird hunting, but that’s not. The only thing that makes them special HELLO their name their name is crazy it’s a human name. How could that be the name of a dog breed all I know is if I get a dog that’s a Brittany ima name it Brittany. This is my favorite dog breed.

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