Taylor Swift found dead at 33

On August 6, 2023, at 1:48AM pacific standard time, 33-year-old pop and country singer Taylor swift died along with three others on the way home from her 121st out of 130night of the Eras Tour. She was rushed to “Los Angeles Central Medical Center” and arrived at 2:03AM. Doctors did everything they could to save her life. Swift was pronounced dead at 3:17AM..

Following her death, Taylor Swift has been living her best life since her debut album “Taylor swift” released in the late year of 2006. Since then her music career has been thriving.
Growing up, Taylor had been bullied during her teen years. Her own friend group excluded her for not being “pretty” enough. When her first album gained popularity, at 16 she left high-school and became homeschooled to pursue a career her peers told her she could never have.

This aspiring young music star has changed the life of many, and will forever be missed by Swifties and many more . More information about the situation has not yet been announced.