Shy Smith stabbed at restaurant last night by crazy ex-boyfriend

Back in 2021, Shy Smith and Trey Neverson separated due to relationship problems. During that time, Shy Smith started dating a man named Beck Oliver, who’s occupation (job) was unknown and still is.
Beck and Shy’s relationship was good… at least online. When Shy & Trey were back together, Shy had forced Beck to leave her alone and broke up with him. It was revealed that Beck was a horrible boyfriend. On an Instagram live, Shy stated that he would lie, yell, gaslight, manipulate, and more. She says he was the worst boyfriend in history.
But apparently, she was too scared to break up with him because she knew he was crazy. So when she got back with Trey, she had to get him to help her get away from him.
Ever since the breakup, Beck has been reported to the NYPD multiple times by Shy and her family, stating that he’s crazy and won’t leave her alone. Allegedly, he has showed up to her house unannounced many times, contacted her through different phone numbers, vandalized her car, etc. Once, he broke into her home with her kids, forcing Shy to leave and drive all the way to New Jersey alone with two young kids. It even caused Shy to go missing for a day.
Shy Smith was seen at Foxy’s Italian last night around 7:45 PM. She was with her husband Trey, her sister Destiny, and her sister’s husband Adrian. As they were eating and talking, a man dressed in all black with a hoodie runs up to the table and stabs Shy in the left hand (allegedly with a pocket knife) and quickly runs away. In the CCTV, Shy is seen screaming and crying as her hand bleeds.

As of today, August 25, she was treated at the hospital and is okay now. The police are still on the lookout for the man who stabbed her. Shy told police that she got a glance of his face, and she says it was definitely Beck.

Written by Lisa Johnson-Waters
Channel 46 Celeb News