Scientists found proof of life in space!

Scientist from all around the world, from organisations like ESO, NASA, ESA were teamed up together to finally find a proof of life in outer space! The planet that we’re talking about is in very complex planetary system. The system consists of 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets and thousands of little objects that are: comets, asteroids, planetoids, and more. This planetary system is very interesting. Consists of 8 planets, but every one of them is different! Let’s go through them pretty quick. The first planet is the closest to its planet and it is just a gray planet with craters. Second planet from its star is a hell, clouds are so thick you can’t see space, and the surface is 430 degrees Celsius. We’ll talk later about the third planet, so let’s move on to the fourth planet. Fourth planet is a red-orange, it is small and has two moons, both asteroid-sized. Now we’re getting to gas giants. Fifth planet is the biggest planet in this system, it has 93 moons and has very big storms. Sixth planet has around 70 moons and has very big and complex ring system. Seventh planet is a frozen gas giant, interestingly it is spinning on it’s side, and it also has rings, but very small and almost not visible, also its orbit is beign disturbed by eighth planet which is also a fronen gas giant. It has rings too, but also almost not visible. Since we talked already about planets, let’s get to the planet with life! The third planet has life, its radius is about 6700km. On this planet there are more oceans than land, around 75% of land is covered by water! NASA scientist discovered that there are around 8 billion (or even more) aliens on this planet! And they’re advanced civilization, because ESO discovered many thousands satellites orbiting this planet also with a moon that looks like first planet of this planetary system. The planet is called Earth and star is called Sun.