ROBLOX Developers of Game Royale High Face Grooming Accusations.

The popular game Royale High is a magic fairy dress up game that is one of many player-made creations on the gaming platform Roblox that encourages creativity and imagination. However, it seems like some people took their imagination too far. As of late, not a lot of information is available yet but we are able to confirm from police departments and from some of the team that these allegations are true. So, what can we expect from this incident? Fans of the Royale High game now pledge to boycott the game as players are outraged to hear of this. Longtime players express disappointment at the developers and are upset at this new information after a new update they had been waiting for released around this time. More information is coming in soon from one of the victims. The names of the people involved have not been released due to privacy concerns as of now.

Picture Credits – Youtuber Callmehaley