megan moroney sadly passed away

yesterday sadly at 8 : 31 am Megan Moroney was in her living room watching tv and she got a knock on her door but didn’t hear it then she heard one other knock so she went to her door opened it but no one was there then she ate lunch and though someone was watching her sadly she went to bed and she slept till dark she saw something watching her thru the window she ran to her bathroom and said it’s just my head messing with me she went in her room her window was open she sat on her bed someone she’s never meet before came thru the hallway with a gun and shot her right in the head and she sadly passed away at 11:12 we will always remember Megan Moroney as our hero and superstar but we still don’t know who shot this amazing talented beautiful happy Smiley face girl that can light up the world keep a watch out