Investigation Into Controversy In Football Match

Referee Fabian Cimoli is under investigation after making, can you believe it. More shocking calls in favour of Soccer kids FC. Oliver McNeil was given a red card after saying one threat at Fabian. Soccer kids FC were also given a pen after the ball hit the post. Anonymous sources found this file in Fabian emails stating:
“Ill give you 5 cheese and bacons for you to rig the match”. “Count me in” – Fabian Cimoli. Soccer kids FC are also under investigation for breaching the amount of players signed, as they were to be confirmed on the 21st of July. Anonymous sources also found that Fabian was trained by infamous referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, also famous for his terrible calls and hatred towards Lionel Andres Messi. Soccer kids FC are leading the series 2-1 due to more very questionable calls in favour of Soccer kids FC.