Famous YouTuber “ishowspeed” died do to deadly headache.

Famous YouTuber “ishowspeed” died do to deadly headache. He died in a Japanese hospital. He was said to be in Japan to make a video titled “jerking to Joe mom”. He died at the age 19

Who is speed?

Speed was a 19 year old American content creator.
He started playing NBA 2k. He gained popularity due to his rage quitting in games. This gave him the money he needed to drop out of highschool. He started to spread out to other content creators. Such as Aiden Ross and Kai cenat. This made him even more popular. He stared on Aiden’s dating shows and goofed around according to Aiden who eventually kicked him off. His days of rage were over and started acting mature meeting Ronaldo and helping others too. He died today. Doctors say he wasn’t expected to live long due to him putting deez nuts in yo mouth JK LMAO 🀣🀣🀣🀣