Rumors Of Hyunjin Killed on July 25th.

Rumors going around on social media of Hyunjin will get killed on July 25th, the day of his performance.

**UPDATE** July 26th 6:44am, Hyunjins body was found at premiere stars hotel. There is no trace of killer. If you are near premiere stars hotel, around the area, beware of killer. Only one witness says “I saw hyunjins instagram of him at the hotel, but no one recognized the hotel, except for me. I went to stand in front of it waiting for Hyunjin to come out. I waited until 6:12am when I saw a female wearing red and black enter and saw the lights flicker on floor 3. And I saw that person run out looking a lot different. I didn’t pay attention to where he went because u thought it was just a normal person, but then I decided to enter the hotel because I couldn’t wait longer. But no one was at the front desk. I went to floor 3 because I assumed the lights flickering was his room. I knocked on the door but it slowly opened on its self like it was already open. I went in feeling guilty for no reason and saw his body lying dead with no blood! I called 911 and they came and arrived at 6:57am. I didn’t tell the police about the woman who ran out becasue I didn’t think much of it until the cops left, leading their investigation.” quoted by Sasha Marídale.