Roblox game in Kuwait stolen, what will Roblox do next?

Many residents of Kuwait enjoy playing the game well known as “Roblox”. This game is popular with many young kids and teens. Although, parents best watch out! The male named “Darren Watkins JR” has found the CEO of Roblox, held him hostage, and robbed the HQ. Although he was not alone, he and his crew stole all Roblox’s personal information. The Roblox developers couldn’t do anything, as they were held at gunpoint. Apparently, the owner of Roblox (Dave Bazuki) brought his child to his work on this particular day. People say he hates his child to his guts, and this is why he is a suspect of the robbery. Rumors are flying around saying Dave payed robbers to steal the data and kill his own son. Dave honestly hated how Roblox turned out saying “Nothing worked out the way I wanted it to.” on Twitter. Many are terrified and are scared of what the robber will do to Roblox. Dave has told his crew to bring their kids too, knowing his crew hates Dave. Dave wanted revenge so Darren Watkins (the shooter) held all kids at gunpoint , tied parents to chairs, and shot. What will happen next? Come back to for more information about this blood curdling event.