New Braunfels’ Iconic Schlitterbahn Waterpark Closing Down

New Braunfels, TX – In a shocking turn of events, the beloved Schlitterbahn Waterpark, a staple of summer fun for generations, is set to permanently close its gates in July 2023. Sources indicate that the closure comes as part of a major deal to redevelop the park’s sprawling grounds into a residential housing community.

For years, families from all over Texas and beyond have flocked to Schlitterbahn, making cherished memories on its thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. However, it seems that the park’s days of making a splash will soon come to an end.

City officials and real estate developers have been in secret talks for months, crafting plans to transform the vast waterpark into a residential haven. The proposed development will include state-of-the-art amenities, eco-friendly features, and ample green spaces, making it an appealing prospect for those seeking a modern lifestyle close to nature.

The closure announcement recently been revealed, with close fans of Schlitterbahn expressing their sadness and nostalgia for the cherished waterpark. Many are planning to visit one last time before the scheduled closure in July.

The clock is ticking for those who wish to enjoy one last summer at Schlitterbahn before the park’s transformation begins. Whether it’s plunging down the famous “Master Blaster” slide or lounging on a tube in the “Comal River,” visitors are urged to seize the opportunity to bid farewell to this cherished waterpark.

For now, the New Braunfels community awaits the official closing date, preparing to say goodbye to Schlitterbahn’s exhilarating rides and welcoming the start of a new chapter for their city.

July 1st, 2023