Famous Youtube influencer Thinknoodles killed in mass shooting

On June 28th, 2023 Famous influencer Thinknoodles was tragically killed in a shooting in a nearby mall, His mom claims he went to buy dog treats for his precious dog, Kloi and Justin had just texted him before he left.

Justin Andrew Watkins, Also known as Thinknoodles will be missed by his millions of fans, as well as his family and close friends. His dad gave a speech to the news, stating “My son was an idol to millions of children around the world, as well as many adults. Though he died at the young age of 46, his legacy will live on for generation after generation.

His heartbroken fans have set up a meeting place near where Thinknoodles live, and are allowing any grieving fans to join to mourn his tragic loss. The address is 65 Front Street, NY City.