Biggy norris found DEAD?!?!

Biggy norris found dead at 3am aussie time ??,biggy norris is apart of a aussie youtube channel called Norris nuts with a family channel full of vlogs and fun with 9 family members charm,disco,brooke,justin,naz,sabre,sockie,flizzy and the bicthon freeze dog named winkie in newcastle , biggie norris falls asleep to mukbang (proven in member only video) sence he was grounded for farted on nazs pillow because “naz was eating all the lollies”, so he went to the pantry to grab some snacks to make his on “Asmr” Biggy noticed Winky needed food then outta no where Winkie SHOT Biggy biggy stopped breathing at 3:23 at 4am sabre and sockie woke up they started to cheer and dance they didnt care that biggy norris is dead then outta no where Txumany showed up she started you tear up and she had no words she was so happy then txumany hugged Brooke Norris and thanked her for biggys death flizzy laughed it of and gave him a bandage they never it any event for his death, now txunamy is now a “delulu yandere” winkie is living ever after , legends dont care they only care for naz rest in piss biggy norris 2023-530 bc