A dog’s best friend

Toby woke up in his dog bed he ate to his dog chops and dog biscuits Mrs. Daring DeVine arrived with her daughter Jessica and a team of staff that night Toby said I go were I like. Of course it wasn’t true the Darling ‘DeVine’s didn’t much like him having fun. Come on said the dog with the patch over his eye said They chased seven cats and even bit a burglar they ending up looking in smelly dustbins of a restaurant salmon or lobster my lord joked Patch a lot of left over Toby said goodbye to his friends and found himself in park he’d never been before A young man was playing a sad song on an old violin and old lady put some money in his violin case and other’s hurried along Soon some men picked up the violin case full off money and ran off with it other dogs joined in the fun after a while the men dropped the violin case and run off . The young man took his paw and said done then lets shake on it I’m Dan He was pleased and so was Dan he started to play happier songs some restaurants gave them free food . Then Sunday when they were playing in the park They met Mrs. Darling DeVine she called to a policeman near by this street person has stolen my dog he’s been to pets win prizes you know dog generally know who they belong to Toby thought of his dog chops and dog biscuits . Then he thought of Dan Toby thought of all the hugs and strokes that Dan had given him Mrs. Darling DeVine said this dog is too scruffy to be ours anyway She pulled Jessica by her coat and pulled her away Toby wanted this human for the rest of the world.