Ukrainian Platoon Commander Who Ordered Strike that Killed Shoigu will face charges: Zelenskyy

The Ukranian platoon commander responsible for giving the order to strike a convoy carrying Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu will be tried in an Ukranian court, President Volodymyyr Zelensky announced. Mikahail Ivanovich Sorrovyy will be tried on charges of treason, and aiding the enemy, Zelenskyy announced in a twitter statement. ”We will make sure he is never able to damage our country again.”

The Sunday strike happened while Shoigu was visiting the Russian city of Rostov. According to Russian news outlet TASS, a suicide drone struck the car Shoigu was in, killing him and three others. President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitryy Peskov denounced the attack, calling it an unfortunate event. Putin himself is expected to spend the weekend at his summer home in Samara.

Ukranian authorities are already rushing to contain the developing situation. Forces are on high alert and troops have been withdrawn in the directioms of Bakhmut and Izium. U.S. President Joe Biden commented: ”I’m aware of the ongoing situation, we remain committed to supporting Ukraine.”

Channel46 military expert Mark Thomas explained the significance of Shoigu’s demise for the Russians: “With Shoigu gone, Russia could have a half capable control command structure set up in weeks, and with that make rapid progress against Ukraine. Shoigu’s death really is a massive gift for Russia.”