New Movie

A New Movie is being made this year, called “When Life Gives You Mangos”. Many celebrities have been given the right to watch it in theatres before it came out and they have loved it. Jenna Ortega stated “It was just amazing and personally I can relate to this movie.” Cristiano Ronaldo said “This movie is superior to everything.” Lastly, Roman Reigns said “This movie is just something else, I almost cried.” You hear it here and now folks, Roman Reigns almost cried. The director, Vandana.S had cast a new set of actresses and actors. Their popularities has been rising recently. The cast is amazing, starring Abisha. L, Varsha.S, and Ramya.S. They seem to play the most important roles in the movie as they are the three main characters. The movie has action, drama, thriller, mystery, fantasy, family, and many more. The movie has already been put on Netflix and is waiting for the release date. This movie is in the top 10 best movies, but because it hasn’t come out yet, it is only number 9. An interviewer from CP24 News had asked Jenna Ortega if she thought this movie would be in the top 3 best movies, and Jenna Ortega said “I think this will be the number one movie. This new movie now becomes the most popular movie, and now, this is Channel 46 News signing off.