Jennie Announced New Acting Role-And New Star on the Rise?

Olivia Brookfield, a 12 year-old girl has recently been scouted. About to perform on the West End as the main character, Mrs Walton, she was recently found and has been rumored to join Marvel Cinematics Universe’s and be featured in their new movie, called Team Agents of Atlas. Telling the story of an Asian superhero team, she will be playing Yuna Hee adopted sister of Seol Hee, also known as Luna Snow, the superhero who uses her ice manipulation abilities to help protect people across the Pacific and the world. This character will be played by Jennie Ruby Jane (also known as Jennie Kim, the singer from BLACKPINK) and the characters will have a deep relationship, with Luna Snow risking all to protect her sister-even though they aren’t related. News about more actors in this film soon and about our favourite rising star!