Why victorious was cancelled?

As victorious fans may know, it was a splendid show with the pop star Ariana Grande. But today, we are not talking about the clash between former pop star Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice but Victoria and Elizabeth Gillies.

These two have been friends for years after working on set with each other for a very long time but after Dan Schneider was exposed fans were curious about what had happen to the two costars.

As you may know, Victoria has become a former pop star as for Elizabeth she is still an actor. Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with the two but trust me it does.

In Elizabeth’s new show “ game time” she shades Victoria by saying how jealous and vile Victoria could be as she got paid more money than anyone on the set of Victorious.

Victoria responded on instagram by saying how Elizabeth has no life and at least she has a nice face to look at. This left the actress in utter shock as she replied on twitter with if my face was just as pure as my heart then you would be taking back every word as well as using this for Ariana!

Victoria decided to stop being so conceited but when she decided to apologise after a few months , Elizabeth and Dan Schneider teamed up to shade Victoria once again. Dan didn’t allow Victoria to be with the rest of the cast in the victorious reunion but locked her in a room with no food or water!

Luckily Elizabeth felt bad and decided to give their unnamed fight a rest, until Avan Jogia wanted to start a new spark between them by also posting,” Vicky I’m sorry about what Lizzie has said , about you being a self centred person who only cares about their looks but she isn’t wrong.”

Victoria decided to end this once and for all by going to Dan Schneider and demand to remove Elizabeth from victorious for the final season but Dan decided to cancel the entire show all together.