TikTok star Gavin Magnus is dating Piper Rockelle??!!

TikTok star Gavin Magnus caught making out with Piper Rockelle.

A mom of two kids saw Gavin and Piper kissing in the middle of the LA mall. She was shocked that they displayed their affections publicly.

She said that she was very grossed out. The young mom said she was very disappointed in Gavin and Piper. She was also sad for her kids because they loved Piper’s and Gavin’s channels.

Later that night Piper posted an instagram story saying that she and Lev are no longer together and that she is in love with Gavin now. Piper said it was for the best.

Pipers friends are not happy with her yet Gavin’s friends are nothing but proud of him.

And the night after Piper made her story Gavin made one too.

Gavin’s story said he loves Piper and he never stopped loving her, and that he doesn’t give a crap about what others think. Gavin’s parents only want the best for him and don’t care what he does as long as they approve of it and they approved of his and Piper’s relationship meanwhile Piper’s mom says that Piper should still be with Lev.

We were able to talk to the mother of those two children. She said that she was disappointed in them for openly cheating and being happy about snd she was disappointed for her kids. She said that she is not happy to see that since they love Piper and Lev’s relationship and wish that they stayed together. They were also disappointed in Gavin because he knew Piper still had a boyfriend and did not care or try to stop her from kissing him. We were also able to interview piper and Gavin further. They said that they love each other, and piper only dated Lev for views and to get back at Gavin because she was insulted that they broke up. Piper was also only dating live because she was jealous of Gavin’s new girlfriend that he left her for.