New News on Gays at Plymouth Middle School.

There has been new news about these gays at PMS. These sinners are making more appearances than ever before at Plymouth Middle School. New gays have even been arriving at this school! It’s honestly just awful. Parents are horrified for their children, and teachers and students alike fear for their lives everyday because of these disgusting sinners. We have held a few interviews from students, teachers, parents and others about the gays in question. Here are just a few from students:

Rose Freiberg, 7th grader: Yies, i remember le sinful gays…. I saw some recently. It was a very scary and a very traumatizing experience. One gay was violently throwing candy corn with ill intentions while another one squashes them and ate them out of the drains. I have seen le gays performing unholy satanic rituals and OMG!!! I jus can’t send my poor children to school everyday knowing the gays tread the hallways. They slide around like the tiles are slip n slides at ymca camps and eat each others cartilage on a daily basis. They also talk about penis so much like omg!!! Damn gina you can’t do that!! All those lil mamasita breadsticks have been smearing my child with homo concoctions and they are wafting the gay fumes into my childs nostrils it is very scary. Please help I am scared for my childs safety!!! I hope we can get those little queers under control soon!!!

S.H, 6th grader: I’ve seen these disgusting little creatures everywhere! I’m absolutely terrified! I’ve seen them running around eating contaminated orange things they call “home-sticky” and it’s really scary! I’ve had nightmares about them almost every night! Me and my besties are always trying to hide from them! I’ve even seen one terrifying hybrid species of a sinning gay and a That Girl! To think that disgusting thing is mixed in with a species I trusted dearly scares me for my future. One of my friends hasn’t been to school since interacting with one, and I’m deeply concerned. I’ve even witnessed a group of about five gays running around using each other as parasols, and I’ve seen one of them throwing grass at people saying they were ‘seasoning’ them. This makes me incredibly scared. They wish to eat us? Is that what happened to my BFF?? I’m terrified, and my parents said they might take me out of school for a bit. I really hope they do.

Kimly, unknown grade: OMG BESTIE! These disgusting sinning little things have been running around school since I got here! My bff for evs was tryna be the famous rizzler she is, when one came up behind her and- and- and gave her a mutilated fork! It was the most traumatic experience of her life! One sinner even came up to me and tried to rizz me up! They asked for a pencil!?!? I can’t believe someone would do that! That wasn’t very bussin! I’ve seen many other sightings of these, but I’m too scared to talk about them cause the sinners are gonna steal my UwU rizz! They aren’t even mid! They’re all such an L! I’m so scared of these sinners!

John Smithshua in 8th: Yo. Me and my boyfriend have seen these nasty gays. I hate gays my dude. They nasty sinners and they goin to hell man. Prayin for them yo. Scary for reall my guy. They for real needa chill brotha. Repent for your sins my dudes.

Britney Chance, mother of Kim Chance: I am praying for these little sinners. They are such awful creatures! They even turned my dear child, Kim, emo! It’s truly outrageous! My son is terrified that when he goes to the PMS school, they’ll forcefeed him gay potions to make him gay and emo! My daughter has already been affected by them! I’m including them and the rest of the school in my prayers, and hoping they’ll repent for their sins. The others in my Worried White Moms group on Facebook agree, and are praying for them too. Jesus loves you!

Other parents were too fearful to be interviewed, scared the gays will see and find them. This is a truly awful time for PMS. We hope you are all doing okay, and keeping away from these awful sinning creatures. Subscribe to our newsletter for new updates and articles about Plymouth Middle School, and make sure to contact us if you’d like an interview or have news. Have a sinless day my rizzlers!