Music video recording turns into fight between Lil Nguyen & THA TUG$TER

The competitive rappers Lil Nguyen & THA TUG$TER
were on the set for the music video for the viral song β€˜Sunroof’.
According to a backup dancer, THA TUG$TER made a snarky comment towards Nguyen. Lil Nguyen then made one back, and an argument between the two broke out. One of the directors/producers who goes by the name Riggzie, tried to break up the argument, but it only got worse.

Nguyen then got fed up and punched Lil Tuggie, and a fight broke out. Riggzie then tried to break it up again.

Tuggie then went to the bathroom and allegedly called his gang to come to the set. A group of gang members, apart of the LA gang called Crips, came to the set with guns and other weapons.

Since Tuggie called his boys, Nguyen then called his. The music video recording turned into a shooting. Fortunately, nobody was hurt majorly. Only a few bruises and bloody noses.

The director/producer of the music video then snuck out and set the whole place on fire.

Lil Nguyen & THA TUG$TER are not hurt from the fire, but it is unknown about the gang members.

The police are on the lookout for Riggzie, he is nowhere to be found.