Funneh killed by a KF member and her own siblings

Krew was making a truth or dare video on YouTube. Draco readed one comment that said “Kill funneh and I will too” Draco ran to the weapon area and got a knife. Draco was pretending to scare funneh but then the KF member came “C’mon let’s do this” No I just want to prank her, said Draco. Soon later the knife Draco was holding accidently slipped out of his hand. The knife went straight into funnehs chest. The KF member took out his gun and shot funneh. Draco was then paided R2M Lunar quickly took the money and flushed it down the toilet “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!” said Lunar Draco explained everything that the knife in his hand accidently fell out of his hand. “You killed our sibling!” Said Gold. Rainbow bought a coffin for funneh, and first put her body in a freezer. And then had to dig a hole and put the coffin and covered it with dirt and grass. And now funneh was left dead and Lunar had to record all videos.