Adolf Hitler Is Alive!

Based off of recent discoveries, we have found that Adolf Hitler is indeed alive. He’s currently in a hospital getting stronger by the minute. He is still in Germany and he has planned on starting World War III. he’s getting together once again mini Nazis and plans on bombing Manhattan. We received news that the US military is putting President Joe Biden in a secret war bunker. After finding very much proof from the TV show on History channel called Hunting Hitler we have found Hitler, hiding and many of the descendants from Nazis have asked him to be their leader again. The bones of his deceased wife Eva Braun have been found, but he is indeed alive and well and getting stronger. He was thought to have died by suicide by cyanide poisoning and being shot in the head he and his wife Eva Braun thoughts were done this, but he actually escaped on a plane one day after his birthday April 21st 1945, there was a Nazi pilot on board and Hitler had sent many of his personal possessions into the plane. Also many people thought this was strange, considering they thought he was dead when really, he was alive and planning to get to Argentina and out of Berlin before the war ended he would not go down without a fight.

The U.S. Navy has many submarines that they are using to find Hitler submarine that he used to get to Argentina.

Hitler almost died because he thought he didn’t have enough medicine for his stomach issues but he was able to get more by some of his Nazi officers, who stole it from a kit, inside of a tent, where they treat the wounded in war

He is still alive in 2023 and he just turned 134 years old. He is planning on living until he is 200 years

He plans on taking over the world. Be prepared