Adolf Hitler Is Alive!!

Based off of recent discoveries, Adolf Hitler is alive. He is resting in a hospital in Germany and getting stronger by the minute. Sources tell us that Hitler escaped during World War II in a German plane. His own private belongings were sent ahead of time to Argentina which made the public curious. Other sources tell us that President Joe Biden was seen being transported into a military war bunker.
Adolf Hitler was that you have committed suicide by cyanide poisoning and being shot in the head along with his wife Eva Braun and their dogs. Hitler always wanted to have kids, but he and Eva Braun did not have any. He has remarried a woman named Eva Whackadooha. She is 34 years old. There’s a 100 year difference between adults and Eva but they are madly in love. Adolf Hitler and Eva Whackadooha have been caught making out. Adolf is fully prepared to take Eva as his wife and change their last name to his original last name is Schnickelgruber.

Adolf Hitler still looks very good for his age even though he just recently in 2023 turned 134 he turned 134 on his birthday April 20. He was born April
20th 1889. Adolf has now taken the world record for the worlds oldest person.

Descendants of former Nazi officers have a cause for celebration now that Adolf has been found alive.

He plans on taking over the world with this found buried underground in his bunker called Rukuta he is planning to start World War III with his newly found
virus. The Indian name for Rukuta is the silent one after he uses a compound called TA418 that will make the virus adapt to air water and dirt. He will hold entire nations hostage using this deadly deadly virus. He plans to use it to take over the world. He wants to be the ruler ever over everything, and after he and Eva and Whackadooha get married and adopt their kids, he will he will start a new monarchy where his children will forever and ever be the rulers of the world, he wants power and money, and more power and more money.

His plans are very deadly. He is about to start another war. Be prepared people and stay safe out there.

Thank you for your time. This is channel 46 news.