Young Boy Arrested For Selling Grandma On Ebay

About one month ago, a 6-year-old (Tomothy Thompson) boy posted a picture of his 78-year-old grandma Edna, on Ebay. At first, Tompson claims that it was just a joke, then later on once he received many offers for his slightly used grandma Edna, he started to actually talk to some offerors and planning out deals to sell his poor grandma Edna. The young boy was caught in the midst of a transaction with a customer who was actually one of our own members of the Channel 46 News. We interrogated John (the member of our channel) and asked him why he was going to purchase Edna, though he “pleaded the 5th.” Now both the boy, and John are in custody and will be held accountable for their crimes. -Featured picture of Grandma Edna before and after the crime scene- (Before on the left, after on the right)