Wyatt Koontz is wanted in 49 1/2 states

A student at west middle school named Wyatt Koontz is wanted for many different crimes such as:
22 arson
21 Property Damage
20 hate crime
19 Indecent Exposure
18 Assault
17 Fraud
16 Forgery
15 Incitement
14 Criminal Conspiracy
13 Money Laundering
12 drug trafficking
11 evidence tampering
10 Extortion
9 Illegal Surveillance & Stalking
8 blackmail
7 Conspiracy To Attempt Murder
6 murder
5 Accessory After The Fact To The Murder Of Federal Officers
4 Impersonating A Police Officer
3 Falsely Reporting An Incident
2 Burglary
1 Trespassing
these 22 crimes are just a handful of what Wyatt Koontz has done to this country.
if you see him please do not engage and report to your nearest police station
stay away from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as he is not wanted there and he is likely headed there or even there right now.
stay safe.