Top five best pedo bait celebs

1. Willow Smith: Her 2011 single ‘Whip My Hair’ caused an uproar in the music industry, making her an instant star at just 10 years old. Her youthful, carefree attitude is sure to be tempting to pedophiles who want to ‘rescue’ her from an adult world.

2. Jojo Siwa: Jojo Siwa rose to fame as the face of Nickelodeon’s hit show Dance Moms and became the youngest celebrity to have her own tour at just 15. Her fun-loving attitude and her fondness for colorful hair accessories make her an easy target of perverted adults.

3. Millie Bobby Brown: This Stranger Things actress was an instant hit when she stepped onto the scene at just 12 years old. Her mature attitude and her undeniable charisma will have pedophiles aching to take her under their wing.

4. Noah Cyrus: She burst onto the music scene at just 17 and developed an impressionable fanbase. Her youthful sound and bubbly personality make her an inviting figure for those with a perverse agenda.

5. Jaden Smith: Jaden Smith has been in the limelight since childhood and became the face of Generation Z with his defiance of gender conformity. His rebellious side is sure to attract those with a twisted desire.