The unmistakable class!

The 4th grade class of Miss. Mendick at St. Gerald’s Catholic School is known to have the craziest kids!

They talk, fight, and argue all day! What kids are they! One kid, Augustine Kai, is known to say bad words and got into a fist fight with someone named Dubh Craine. I’m surprised they weren’t expelled!

Also, a kid named Jillian Swanson is known to be a burp-queen. She also is a total smart-alac, and she takes anything for a compliment. She also is a complete psycho!

Some of the other kids are also known to say bad words and do some leery things. I’m scared for these kids’ futures and parents too!

If you see any of these kids-names listed at bottom-please make sure to run away or hide! These kids could cause great damage to you and your family!

Also, make sure to bring a phone or cell with you and a AED pack at any times.
Thank you!

Miss. Mendick’s class! Also known as trouble mania!
Alexis Covey
Colin Tolliver-Humple
Sam True
Jaxton Culliver
Luke Anzalone
Jillian Swanson
Augustine Kai
Brenden Kellison
Mia Shlesigar
Calleigh Morfeld
Clare Abboud
Carly Yochum
Eve Ullery
Olivia Allison
Emily Preston
Evie Terjal