Luke Richters Dies in a Stab n’ Run

Luke Richters was a 16 year old male and he was loved very much although some lunatic decided to leave this poor young man dead along the side of Dr Mays Road. His peers at his school were left in a gut wrenching shock of his death, they send praise and prayers towards his family as they mourn the tragedy of their sons death. Many will crowd his coffin at the funeral planned within the next couple of days. There was live action footage caught on camera by the nearby school at 9:36am. The video proceeds to show Luke casually walking across the road onto a sidewalk where an older figure being arround 6’2 sprints up behind him and before he knew it the blade pierced his body, Luke tried desperately to fight off the alleged attacker and shout out for help although none came. The attacker has not been identified, but detectives found some drops of blood where it is believed that Luke forced the weapon away from him also hitting the attacker causing the blood on the ground.

Photos and videos have been limited to family view only.