Local Sharonite RIley Newbold caught in the act with a seventh grader

Riley Newbold, age 14 (in eight grade), was caught canoodling with a Sharon Middle School seventh grade girl named Leah Kirk. The locals say that they were reportedly running into the janitors closet and when they came out it came out. People say that there were loud bangs in the janitor’s closest and when they mean bangs, there was banging from up and down.

Riley Newbold was also rumored to be dating his twin sister Alexa Newbold, these reports have been silenced by the sibling’s parents. Riley Newbold has received a three-week suspension from the Sharon Middle School teacher Mr. Kevin O’Rourke for this pedophilia act. Because of this horrifying action, Newbold will be called to court by Mr. and Mrs. Kirk this Sunday April 30th, 2023 at 2:30 pm EST at the Stoughton District Court.

Here is what Riley’s parents had to say.

“Riley was a good kid and we always made sure he did not follow his father’s footsteps in dating a minor.” said Riley’s mother Mrs. Betsy Strauss.

“I never knew Riley was into seventh-graders” said his friend Donovan Clem.

Riley is a straight A-student and is really enthusiastic in school. We hope to see Riley come back to school with more disciplinary behavior.

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