Kid dies, hitting his head & brain bleed in school

A student that was a goofy idiot, has died. 13 year old Diego Hernandez was getting chased by another student, gay lizard, fell and slipped causing him to fall and get a concussion, causing bleeding on his brain. Diego was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. On cook middle school, we interviewed Diego’s math teacher who said that diego was a goofy and obnoxious student who never wanted to do his work. Diego’s final day consisted him of getting a haircut in the morning, going to school & watching 🌽,where he was chased by another student that ended his life. Diego’s last words were ” soy un joto gordo quien esta medio muerto”. Diego’s funeral is taking place on April 13 where shirts will be given to his friends and family to participate in his funeral. Diego was 13 years old .