jaleah watts

jaleah watts found dead in her lake jealeah watts was abused by her parents they could never do nun fun never could go out side she had 3 siblings and her siblings and her stayed in a cabin that was built 1832 they was scared but they have been staying there for 7 years now but one day the parents had enough they went in the cabin the kids thought they was gonna eat but the da came in the 16 year old daughter had enough she talked back to the dad gave him no res so the dad said “know what!!” and thrown her down the stairs and she cracked her neck and died right on them same stairs jaleah and her 2 siblings saw it they ran in they’re attack in they’re room and said “pls dont hurt us” the mom and the dad walked away with the 16 year old girl body ppl said that the mom and dad ate her, the mom and dad said “we have to kill them they know and saw” so the next morning the mom and dad came in and the kids thought they was bringing them food … but the dad and mom had weapons and stuff like that they called the kids down stairs and stared to go crazy on them jaleah ran away she left her siblings to get beat to death her sister and her big brother got beat to death she hided in the woods for 2 days or 1 she came out of the woods and grab a knife and a big hammer and started beating her mom first to death then her dad they both died outside and then jaleah started crying and then said she dont have no family and went out side sat in the chair and reminded her that she dont have a family the sliced her arm and walk to the lake that was 12 ft deep and drowned herself and sombody found her body and got killed the same day and then 6 polices came to get all of the bodys but 5 of them died for going near the house . NEVER GO NEAR THE HOUSE