The unblocking of

Teachers and principals across the world have decided to unblock They said it was a good chance to get their students to have a hot mom girlfriend. Since it’s unblocking students have been sending noodles to the moms and people have been pressing charges. Many kids have gone to Juvenial hall and prison because of their age group. A kid named James Hicks is wanted for also participating in this activity. He is 11 years old and has a buzz cut. He is especially retarded and his IQ is 24. The reward for his capture is $20 even though James can’t count that high. his mother and sister have been questioned. His puppy coco has been threatened for her safety. Go through your kids phones and if he or she has it open on their web please call the police immedietly. Some people have ran off to different countrys but it is said that James Hicks has been seen at Pocahontas Elementary. If you see him call the popo as fast as you can!