The famous you YouTuber “Sssniperwolf” has been followed home.

A YouTuber named “sssniperwolf” was followed home by a 37 year old man named John Michael. Who got into her car and was taken into her home. The YouTuber says that she heard noises coming from the second upstairs bathroom so she went upstairs to have a look at what was making those eriee noises. She says that as she opened the bathroom door she saw a man standing there with a knife. John Michael states that he wanted to trick his son by sneaking into his car but got into the wrong one. John also says that he got in though her garage. But the police do not believe him as he attacked “ssniperwolf “. Her neighbour heard her screams so the neighbour called the police the police were also in the neighbourhood at the time so John Michael had no time to escape. Later on John told the police what really happened and how he snuck into the YouTubers car on purpose but now says that he only wanted her diamond play button which is a youtube award. John has been charged with 22 years in prison and when he has been released he will be put in house arrest for 2 years. “Ssniperwolf ” is in Rosehall hospital and is healthy and healing. “Ssniperwolf “was stabbed in her right shoulder once and in her leg three times but the workers in the hospital are trying their hardest to keep care of her.