Shaquille O’Neal found dead, clues point to a strange suspect?

On March 8th, 2023, popular actor and basketball player Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal was found dead in his Texas home with no signs of struggle or forced entry. The case has astounded law enforcement officers, leaving them to wonder who could have possibly murdered our favorite African-American. After investigating his home, police detectives were able to find a note under his kitchen table that read, “The fat kid has found me, I may not survive long.” The police were suspicious of it at first, but after conducting a lengthy investigation, it turns out that the culprit may have only been a state away. The investigators have tracked the blood of Shaquille O’Neal back to the home of a little boy in Gurdon, Arkansas. Samuel Childers claims to have never met the man, but they found a knife under his bed, and after a quick DNA test, the knife was revealed to have Shaq’s blood on it! Samuel Childers is on the run now and a $169,000 reward will be given for identifying and giving the location of the fat fugitive.