Sashikant Mafia leader of the kant dynasty

Sashikant, who is the leader of the Mumbai Mafia known as the Kant dynasty. Sashikant is a ruthless and powerful leader who commands respect from his subordinates and instills fear in his enemies.

Sashikant’s base of operations is in Mumbai and New Delhi, where he conducts his illegal activities and controls his criminal empire. He is aided by his closest right-hand men, Luxmikant, Ramakant, Umakant, Shivakant, and Shrikant, who are loyal and devoted to him.

One of Sashikant’s most prominent feuds is with India’s richest man, Ratan Tata, with whom he competes for power and control. Sashikant is known for not taking any nonsense from anyone and settling disputes with his Grunper 12 shotgun, which is his signature weapon.

Sashikant has a large number of henchmen spread across India who carry out his orders and protect him from threats. He is a wealthy man, who has amassed a great deal of wealth through his illegal activities.