Recent disturbing stories tell us the state of Gen Z

We all know that the pandemic had a negative effect on everyone’s mental health, but this has reflected very clearly on social media. Through social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and/or Wattpad. Wattpad is a platform where you can write your own stories (and publish them) along with reading other peoples. At first this may seem harmless, but a quick look through the platform proves otherwise. Most stories on there are filled with horrible, twisted fantasies. They are filled with R rated scenes. They are also filled with toxic tropes. One of the greatest examples of this is a story named “Gummy Daddy (Eva x Gummy Bear). Through out the story we witness the protagonist, Eva, say she’s “not like the other girls” multiple times in each chapter. She finds a gummy bear that she can make come to life as a attractive man. They immediately get into some filthy actions and they repeatedly cheat on their partners.