Paull’s puppy

he boy who wanted a puppy for Christmas in my Treasury of Christmas stories

Paul wanted a puppy but his mum and and dad wouldnโ€™t let him have one he went sledging he saw David’s dad’s puppy he liked him paul said to him i like your puppy i wish i had one. mum said you canโ€™t have a puppy there isnโ€™t room in our flat while he want sledging with dad dad suggested a computer but Paul shook his head a puppy was the only thing he wanted His mum said make a wish and help to stir the Christmas pudding i wish i could have shh Don’t say it out loud said his mum dad let him write his letter to Santa If he could not have a puppy he would not have anything he was a very sad little boy . At night Paul’s parents took him to for Christmas Eve service at church on the way to church Paul saw stars in the sky. After prayers came silent night holy night
when Paul had gone to bed mum said to dad i wish let him have a puppy i hate to hear him so sad like all boys and girls Paul had a fairy godmother nobody saw her because she was invisible to children who said that boy want’s a puppy but his parents won’t let him have one what will i do she put the puppy in Santa’s sleigh with Paul’s other presents on Christmas Day Paul said to the puppy i will call you Rags and Rags barked gladly now Paul was happy He’s wish had came true .