Music Artist Lady Gaga going on Last Tour

The well Loved Music Artist Lady Gaga also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has decided to not continue her path in music. “I just don’t feel like it is my calling. I want to be able to enjoy myself, and the wonderful life I live in. I want to see the world and not worry about the struggle of constant shows.” Gaga said in a recent interview Lady Gaga Will go on tour once more. Her mom has recently found out she will need emergency surgery on her liver. She has a trip planned with her boyfriend Micheal Polanski. A “Month long Romantic Cruise” across Europe. She can’t wait. Her wedding will be after the trip. She will continue her successful makeup business and acting career but Gaga said “I want to try something new, and different.”
Gaga also plans to move from her 22 million dollar mansion in Malibu to a home in Maine. Recently, an interview has exposed the adoption plans her and Micheal have. The pending adoption of 7 year old twins Annabelle and Jackson McGuire. Gaga stated “I always wanted to build a family, and now I can. Thank you everyone who supported me in my music career, this has been a joy, I wish the positive energy my music gives can continue to grow and inspire others!”