Missing Ohio Girl Found In Charleston After Three Months

DELAWARE, OH — 18 year-old Caroline Brock of Delaware that went missing for months has been finally found in a hotel room in Downtown Charleston on Friday. Around the day, police officers in Charleston got a tip from a passing lady who claimed that a woman who looks around in her early 20s was walking around the city all morning and the lady was able to track the woman to a Hilton hotel.
How did she went missing?
On November 24th of last year, Brock told her father Justin Lawson that she’s going to Columbus for few days with her friends. Around 4pm, she was seen on a security camera backing up her 2020 Hyundai Accent in her home on East William Street. At around 4:25pm, she arrived in the Polaris Fashion Center to buy anything she wants. She went to German Village afterwards and that will be the last time she was seen. The security camera at 6:28pm shows her last appearance before she’s disappeared without a trace. Her Hyundai Accent was gone and nobody can find her anywhere. Brock’s father became worried about his daughter since she didn’t came back home a week later after Brock said she’ll be back home in 5 days and was not answering his calls and messages. Lawson called the Delaware and Columbus Police to report his daughter missing and he called all of her friends to see if they could find Brock or last seen by them. All of her friends said no that they couldn’t find her and they went home to Delaware without Brock. Lawson was interviewed by local news stations in Columbus. After one month without a trace and no luck. Delaware Police got a tip from a resident from Columbus that a woman who could be Brock was in Easton Town Center walking around the shopping center. Columbus Police went to the mall and the woman that was described as Brock was not related to the missing person.
Brock’s Details:
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Green
Height: 5’4
Weight: 110 lbs
Race: White
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Last seen wearing: A white lantern sleeve top with high-waisted ripped jeans, a black cropped leather jacket, a circle pendant necklace, and heel boots.
After 3 months of no success, Columbus Police was tipped by a lady who didn’t want to be identified in Charleston that a woman could be Brock was at a restaurant in downtown. They then contacted Charleston Police that the missing girl that they’ve been trying to find is in that city. They went around to look her until around Friday afternoon, they called the hotel where the lady said that she was entering to see her. The hotel manager said he had seen her in room 214. They went in and found Brock in the bed and when they comfort Brock, she told the officers that she was supposed to be back home in Ohio but someone took her and drove to Columbia, South Carolina where she was left alone and the driver left. Unfortunately, even though she described the driver and the vehicle, she was unable to track the license plate’s number. They contacted Delaware Police that they found her and she was safe and alive. Lawson got a call from the department that they found his daughter in an another state and they will bring her back home where she’s brings.
Lawson was so excited to find out that his daughter was found alive. He told 10TV that he will help his daughter get education and get back on track. As in March 13th, she was returned home in Delaware and hoping to get back into her life.