Kid pushed his sister down the stairs and his friend helped stage it as a suicide

On the day of their recital, 12 year old SUNNY threw his violin down the stairs. His sister, MARI was furious and they got into a really bad fight that ended horribly. SUNNY pushed MARI down the stairs and his friend, BASIL helped SUNNY stage MARI’s death as a suicide by hanging her on a tree. BASIL suggested to SUNNY that they used a jump-rope as a noose. SUNNNY’s other friends, AUBREY, KEL, and HERO we’re waiting at the auditorium for them when they realized that SUNNY and MARI were late. They went to their house to check up on them and noticed SUNNY crying at the backyard door. So they went up to SUNNY and asked him what was wrong. SUNNY pointed to the tree that MARI was hanging from and the whole group was in shock and the group split up. Refusing to tell the truth about MARI’s death, SUNNY stayed in his house for four years becoming a complete social withdrawal or a hikikomori.