Inspiring Story About A Man Named Payam Who Hated Gingerbread But Lived A Happy Life

One day, in the gingerbread land far north was a man who hated gingerbread and had cavement instead. The man’s name was Payam Arshadi. The man repeatedly asked what gingerbread was, gingerbread drove him insane.

One day, the gingerbread man put him in the hatbox and sent him to Shayme the Lemonhead and Jack the Jackalope.

On a cloudy day, as the 4 Leaf Clovers went through their allotted lumps, they found a strange man who was hopping around the windy village shouting into a sheep’s belly.

On the other end of the alleyway, a friend asked what the man was saying.

The friend told him the man was saying, “That house has the oven that spins around to make gingerbread, do you want to go in?” Because Payam hates gingerbread, and gingerbread is always making him crazy. Payam hated gingerbread.” The house had been made with a lathe, and a copper loop that spins to produce a gingerbread house. It’s so good and I wish it spun around around all day.” But that’s just how it is in my brain. Maybe if I turn it around. Look in the next house.” The man banged his head on the house and screamed, “COLD NOODLES! DAMN! I WANT THAT THING! I WANT THE HOLIDAY OVER WITH!” Then he fell to his knees in the snow and screamed, “WHATEVER! THIS PLACE MUSTER BE RANSOMED FOR GINGERBREAD!”

As Christmas Day came, the man screamed and banged the door, but no one answered and no one got tired of hearing the Gingerbread Man.

For days, the Gingerbread Man haunted the village, but no one went near the house because they feared the Gingerbread Man. But the gingerbread man had his own stubborn head. They would try to burn his gingerbread, but he would put his gum in the fire, and send them away.

On the night before Christmas, the Gingerbread Man caught the scent of cooking gingerbread in the air, and something sweet wafted from the front door. He left the back door unlocked, hoping the gingerbread man would come inside.

The Gingerbread Man opened the front door and knocked.

No one answered, so he yelled “Do you want gingerbread?” No one answered so he shouted, “This is Gingerbread!” No one answered. So the Gingerbread Man closed the door and ran away in horror, his heart pounding in his chest.

Then, the gingerbread man saw his sister. He ran down the street screaming, “Help!” The Gingerbread Man thought she was frozen or something, but then he saw her standing alone, staring at the Gingerbread House.

The Gingerbread Man fell to his knees and started to cry, “What have I done?” “My sister. I’m in love with her.” “You’re Gingerbread?” The girl asked.

The Gingerbread Man made a beeline for the front door.

“No. No! No! I’m not! I’m… not! I’m…”

But the girl was in love with him.

On Christmas morning, the girl heard the Gingerbread Man singing in the attic and they made a plan.

On Christmas morning, the girl opened the front door to the Gingerbread Man singing. He was making gingerbread at the top of the stairs. He did not live in the gingerbread house, but instead lived in the attic.

Then, the girl opened the gingerbread house to see the Gingerbread Man baked into the frosting.

Together they ate all of the gingerbread and sang about gingerbread, about gingerbread men, and about gingerbread houses.

And They Lived A Happy Life… Also Here is a quote from Payam Arshadi:
“Never give up…! NEVER! Give up whether it’s finding what is gingerbread or something else!”
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