Flamingo Albert dead at 12/03/2023

famous Roblox youtuber Albert Artez well known as Flamingo has been found dead in a car was speeding at a 55 mile per hour in a 45 hour per hour road and flamingo died from an unexpected car accident. He hasn’t posted in 3 days and Flamingo fans have become worried all found news now, He will be remembered. He was too young to pass away he was only 25 he had so much more to accomplish he was taken to soon. A word from a few of his fans. I’ve been watching flamingo for so long he was my comfort youtuber and I will forever keep a special place in my heart for him it’s such a shock that he passed away R.I.P Flamingo, Flamingo had such a funny good personality I feel for his family and how difficult this must be for them and all of this fans its going to be incredibly sad when 1 year from now I click on his profile and see his last video was 1 year ago instead of a couple hours or days you will be remembered R.I.P