Attention to Anyone Struggling With IBS. A University of Arizona Student Has Found the Cure.

Jerry Myers is a 21 year old entrepreneur, currently attending University of Arizona, found a cure to IBS. Jerry Myers has been struggling with shitting himself his entire life, knowing there wasn’t a cure, he wanted to be the one to help millions around the world, including himself. His motivation to discover a cure for this devastating disease was one day, while he was attending his circuits lecture six months ago, he felt a development of flatulence yearning to discharge out of his colon region. He described, while he had a similar feeling earlier that day he believed it to be nothing more than a fart. By his description of the event. “Holy moly was I horribly horribly wrong.” He ended up exploding not only his pants, but also the lecture hall that him and 150 other students were in, forcing them to evacuate. We talked to some students that were attending the class during the incident and this is what they had to say. We will use fake names to maintain anonymity. “This bitch ass n**** shit smelled so bad I couldn’t eat anything for a week” Josh Sidhu. “I was trying to beat my meat to the professor and about to climax when this random guy shit himself, totally killed my vibe” Caleb Morley. “All of this was completely blown out of proportion, I feel really bad for Jerry, and it honestly smelled pretty good” – Brenden Little. After the event Jerry switched his major to “feces physiology”(The study of bowel movement). He spent 20 hours a day learning and improving his understanding of bowel movements and IBS. Through 6 months of trials and tribulations he was able to find a cure. He found that if you drink enough sugar sodas manufactured by the Romanian carbonated soft drink company, “Frutti,” it will purge the disease out of your body forever. He explained in simple terms that the type of glucose(sugar) they synthesis, permanently binds to your stomach and intestines. In such efforts, it returns the proper function and health to the previously listed internal organs. To tip this article off for this Nobel Prize winning discovery, Jerry Myers would like to say to anyone struggling “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m Possible”.” If you would like to order sugar sodas from Frutti the link will be down below.