13 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide in his Home

Rain Dill (13) Committed Suicide via Gun this morning in his home in Lula, Ga. He left a note that reads, “I love all of you. I just can’t live with this anymore. My life has been just a bunch of twists and turns and just stressful. I can’t do this anymore. Breeonna, ily (I love you) bro, Emma, my Canadian bestie, Ily (I love you) , Story, you were so forgiving, I love you too. I’m sorry I had to do this to you guys

Love, Rain. ”

This note talks about friends from different places, and how his like has been to cause this. Rain had just gotten this new gun. Reports say he did this sad affair at 6:12 AM on March 15, 2023. This is coming from Channel 46 News Today at 1:00 PM.